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3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is among the very first poker games. It is believed to be derived from British game Brag. It is very popular in casinos, however it is less common in home games. Also, it is not available to play online at every site. Still, it is a quite popular game nowadays online. The only difference you may find is the name as original name Three Card Poker is not licensed to be played online. But different casinos online have this game under names Tri-Poker, They Poker, Poker Three, etc.

There are three spots to place bets: Ante, Play and pair Plus. 'Ante' and 'Play' bets are used to play against the dealer. The Pair Plus however is not played against the dealer. As you can predict, it pays any wager when a player has a combination of a pair or better. The player loses his bet if his card combination is worse than a pair.

3 Card Poker is a two way game. But you don't have to play Pair Plus if you don't want to. This would leave you using only Ante and Play spots. Usually, Ante as well as Pair Plus is a matter of choice while at some casinos live and online both Ante is mandatory.

3 Card Poker Action at the table

So, once you sit down at a table and pay the Ante. Also, you may wager on Pair Plus. Then every player as well as the dealer is dealt 3 cards. Now the players make their decisions whether to Play or Fold. By Playing they have to wager the same amount as Ante. After this the cards are exposed.

The Play continues if the dealer has Queen or better. If his cards do not qualify for this, the Ante is paid 1 to 1 and the hand is over. This will happen about 1 in 3 times or to be exact 30.41%. If Dealer hand is Queen or better, players who win the hand are paid 1 to 1 for the Antes as well as Plays. If the player's hand is worse than the dealers, he loses the Ante as well as Play. There can be a tie between hands, so in this case no action is carried out on either of the betting spots.

A great feature is Ante Bonus. It is an absolutely isolated ranking of a player's hand. It does not matter whether the dealer's hand is Queen or better as well as who did actually win the hand. Player is paid ff his hand qualifies as Straight of better (keep in mind, 3 of a kind is better than straight in 3 Card Poker).

3 Card Poker in WSOP event

Pair Plus

Pair Plus is an optional bet you can make before you get your cards. Pair Plus will pay up to 1 to 40 on your bet. It is quite simple – you win if you have a pair or better and you lose if you don't. Below there is a full payout table including Ante Bonus and Pair Plus.

Payout Structure in 3 Card Poker

Strategy in 3 Card Poker

There is none. As 3 Card Poker is a casino game, the game is based on luck. Plus, the house always has a slight edge in casino games. In short, the only thing you can do is to make smart decisions when choosing the hands you play. The lowest of your combinations that you decide to play should be something like Q-6-3 or better.

Here is the table of Hand Rankings in 3 Card Poker:

Unibet Poker Unibet Poker €1000
PKR Poker PKR Poker Free $5
Partypoker Partypoker 100% up to $500
888poker 888poker $888
Poker770 Poker770 200% up to $2000
PokerStars PokerStars $600
Titan Poker Titan Poker $2000
bwin Poker bwin Poker $500
William Hill Poker William Hill Poker $2000

Poker Rules

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