Free Poker Games

Free poker games are great for those who are beginner poker players, and if you are not able to play with the local poker clubs because you cannot afford the membership fee. Another good reason why you should consider free poker games is that you can learn the game without feeling embarrassed because you do not catch on as quickly as others. lets you learn at your own pace and there are several games to choose from. Here are just a few of the games that you can play on Free Poker Central.

Texas Hold Em

This is one of the most popular poker games online and at game halls. In Texas Hold'em game, each player receives two cards for themselves while the rest of the cards are face down for all players to see. This game was developed in Texas in the early 20th century but arrived in Las Vegas in the mid 1960s. To start the game, two players make bets called small blinds and big blinds. Once the players receive the two cards, they start the first round of betting. The player with the best combination of cards wins.

Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

This game is very popular for online poker players, and FreePokerCentral offers the game for hours of enjoyment. The rules of Omaha Hi-Lo poker game are similar, and we offer tutorials on this and other games that you want to learn. This game helps you sharpen your critical-thinking skills, and you will become a better player.

Governor of Poker

This game has a Wild West feel to it, and it reminds you of the downhome saloon and game hall. The goal is to earn enough points to purchase a large amount of buildings in the game. You would choose your gender for the character in the game, and the first destination will be in San Saba. During the game, your character would meet and greet fellow characters.

You would also click on certain buildings in the game to see if you can afford it. After this, you and the characters proceed with the game, which is played similar to Texas Hold Em. As usual, you will bet on two cards and after the first round of betting three cards are dealt on the table. When the dealer presents the fourth card, the players’ goals will be to get the best five-card hand to win the game. offers you a wide variety of free poker games for your entertainment and strategy-building skills. Many online poker players develop their strategies by watching other players’ plays and by losing the games themselves at times. When you read the tutorials on our website, you will become more confident in your game-playing skills. You can even play against that friend who always brags about his skills in the online game rooms. Overall, we do not charge you a hefty fee to have fun!

Video Poker

Video poker is one of the easiest poker games. Go and read the rules of video poker and start playing it when you are ready.

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Poker Rules

  • Razz

    Razz is a poker game that is a Must to anyone thinking about being a poker pro but even playing to have fun, Razz is also very popular. It is a variation of 7 Card Stud however the main difference here is that you play for the weakest hand...

  • HORSE Poker

    Poker is a vibrant game. You can play No Limit or Pot Limit. There is Stud, Omaha, Holdem, Razz. There is 8 or better or Hi/Lo variations. Now, a game of Badugi was introduced and has instantly became very popular with different variations...

  • Crazy Pineapple

    Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud... These all poker games sound serious and professional. They are all a part of the largest poker events in the world. But there is a poker game that will make you smile every time you hear – Crazy Pineapple Poker...

  • Pai Gow
  • Texas Hold'em
  • Seven-Card Stud
  • Omaha
  • 3 Card Poker